Upper SPV (San Pedro Valley) calendar of events and gatherings, community message boards, and community information.  It's all free.  Get a free member web page, photo/video gallery, and self-publish articles of local interest. Form special interest groups; make connections.  Find best friends for life? Individuals and groups—join and network.


Sit-down gatherings that may involve audio-visual presentations and/or discussion/lecture offerings relating to world culture or elements thereof (such as local culture). All promote life-long learning in the arts, humanities, sciences—in literature, music, history, philosophy, mythology, religion, natural history....


Activity gatherings: hands-on learning, crafts, how-to demonstrations, interesting and useful skills that merit passing on—food production, preservation, preparation; building techniques, animal husbandry, handicrafts, all manner of creative endeavor, skills, and skillful means.


We also want to strengthen communities per se: So events are listed and gatherings encouraged that enhance a sense of community provided that they are open to the public and free (excepting benefits/fund raisers or where voluntary donations are requested). At SPV-CCC (SPV Community Cultural Center) we sometimes emphasize the culture "C," and sometimes the community "C" in CCC.


In upper left corner is "Home Page."  As you explore this site, click on "Home Page" to come back to this, the home page, to explore elsewhere. See 'HELP!.pdf' at top for documentation. This site is 'under construction' in the sense that as it has not been promoted, there are but few members/users. Sites like this have to reach a 'critical mass' before they can takeoff.


This website is based on open source social networking software, but the CCC is not trying to be Facebook for the San Pedro Valley, but rather to become a community (instead of a social) networking site.  Social networking sites, per social scientists, involve about 50% "conversation" with another 40% consisting of what can charitably be called meaningless verbiage.  Compulsive users of social networking sites are primarily driven by a desire to seem "cool."  At CCC we prefer "productive" or "meaningful."

Research also suggests that social networks take advantage of but fail to meet human needs; 28% of Americans live alone.  The human need is not for online chatting, but for real life connections involving face to face interactions and productive relationships.  Both young and old, with a taste for the meaningful, are invited to register.

CCC aims to help—is not an end in itself, but a way of using the Internet to facilitate community networking between area members.  So CCC is a bridge helping to connect people and groups to bring about a more functional community by going beyond a web experience to doing worthwhile things in the real local world with real people.  This is why all CCCs must be regional, and not spread out like Facebook. Social networks big?  Community networks....?


No single culture or point of view is being promoted. Consider your culture along with all other cultures past and present, and adapt whatever elements seem true, good, or beautiful, thereby evolving your culture into a better one.

All facilitators of gatherings are community members; any community member can volunteer to be a facilitator of an event/gathering. We have no one meeting location, but provide varied donated facilities to suit the needs of each gathering. Facilitators propose gatherings and when there is enough interest, a time and place is chosen.

There are no formalities. All involved are just here to help. Gatherings are informal and free.

Membership is just a matter of registering.


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